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Shower Screens

Southern Peninsula Glass & Screens supplies a wide range of shower screens for your ensuite and bathrooms. We are passionate about glass and its contribution to the aesthetics of an interior. We have a strong reputation on the Peninsula for shower screens which are uniquely contemporary, sophisticated and trendy. We supplied the Peninsula with high quality frameless and semi-frameless glass shower screens for over 20 years. At Southern Peninsula Glass & Screens we have a strong knowledge base that ensures we deliver on contemporary ensuites and bathroom to suit any budget. Shower Screens; Frameless No frame is required around the edge of the glass shower screen because we use the durability, strength and security of 10 mm toughened glass. The solidity of 1 cm glass gives both a larger appearance and also allows for a smoother more contemporary look for your bathroom. Frameless shower screens are also much easier to clean… Shower Screens; Semi-Frameless Semi frameless shower screen are becoming more popular because they are lighter and more economical. At a significantly cheaper price, the semi-framed shower screen is a good alternative to going frameless. At 6 mm thick, the toughened glass guarantees a robust and long-lasting product.

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